Saturday, April 15, 2017

INT - 8th Floor Social Media -NIGHT
We see CINDY ,a mousy nervous grad student sitting across the desk from CAROLINE wringing her hands
CAROLINE-The type of physical and emotional decompensation we are asking you to convey online to demonstrate the effectiveness of neuro and microwave weapons requires more than a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brown. I didn't feel the pain of the microwaves or terror of your neurological decay in the sample .
CINDY-"I read the books on electronic harassment and direct energy weapons and felt I captured the sense of suffering and paranoia in these people allegedly experiencing these symptoms ...did you read my post that begins -It was a jolt of pain that felt like feeling itself was the thing inside me it wanted in it's hidden hand .The type of pain that made you wish you felt nothing at all," the applicant said
CAROLINE-Oh ,I read it .And I read your other sample posts about you being a Targeted Individual. We take our work very seriously at the 8th Floor .Search Engine We have some very important contracts to maintain.We're selling a product here .Weapons.And like they say ..the whole point of a Doomsday Machine is lost, .if you keep it a secret.The job of writing as a faux TI requires you read as collateral damage nothing more.. I just don't think you're suited to do this type of work."
CINDY-I really need this job.I really can write .I had 3 short stories published in McSweeny's"
CAROLINE-Maybe that's the problem ..these people are being essentially vivisected alive and your waxing poetic about the substance of pain.I could almost smell the latte and croissant in some airy little writing nook ..and this ? What is this .captive narratives's a piece..these people aren't analyzing their documentation they're screaming for help..That's what what we want them to do .You can't remind them they've been typing online for keystroke studies and personality profiling to the very same people they think are going to get their instant message in a bottle...
The captive narrative concerning subjugation by means of brain entrainment is unique in that the captive is held by "outsourced agency" presumably by the state which refuses to acknowledge the reality of this means of restraint being tested or used upon a small ( but growing ) population.The captive having no recourse more often than not begins documenting their situation on the "social media" which one presumes has also been outsourced by the state for behavioral testing.The captive narrative,in this day and age is therefore primarily written to one's captives.
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INT -The 8th Floor Social Media - DAY.
CAROLINE - That's not the way Brisbane writes them.He never mentions the actual professor's name. We're trying to lure disgruntles not make them wonder why the 8th Floor Social Media doesn't intervene
BIFF looked at MARCUS sliding out from behind his cubicle smiling 
CAROLINE - Let's see what you've done Marcus if you find this so amusing
Jim Bloom
March 12
ht Tim Tucker coincided with the slaying of UCLA neurobiologist William S. Klug ;Tim Tucker said completely slipped his mind ,adding
"We aim to understand how a public procession of disgruntled Troubled Persons effects esoteric emotional centers in the amygdala and discover how civil disobedience effects P300 signals in the auditory cortex"

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