Monday, April 10, 2017

Brain Storm /Brain Corp/ Brain Bourne

On the SET of 'King Creole '
ADAM PARKER as KING CREOLE wiith his Head's Up holographic sight finds his mark and hearing the lines begins speaking before the camera
it is about rooting out an ideology
in times like these
now more than ever
ADAM PARKER pauses (to stage hand) 
Wait ..wait ..I'm not feeling the sensory data of weal 
Who the fuck is Mandling me today anyway huh?
The DIRECTOR tries to calm ADAM down
DIRECTOR - Can you do it without the overlay.I've heard some of the neural engineers were shot by a Troubled Person
ADAM - Who gives a fuck? they should be shot for screwing up my motivation...
ADAM (snorting some Augustine ,finds his mark via holographic sight ,he hears a the first words of the script Voice to Skull and begins .it is unclear whether ADAM /King Creole is FEELING his weal via the Brain computer Interface )
it is about rooting out an ideology
in times like these
now more than ever..those who claim that there is a unseen hand that shapes the economy, policy and the media
an unseen hand run by private societies, private corporations and a small minority of people
who scheme and devise ways to control every aspect of a person's existence 
people who claim these things are in fact the people who want to claim every aspect of a person's existence 
those who want to create seeds of doubt in others are dangerous people with dangerous agendas
against you
by turning you against 
your own country
this type of enemy is sly and often carries no weapon besides words 
but words as much as weapons can win or lose wars 
the type of enemy that is dissident tries to eat away at the morale of the nation and it's good people
who the dissident wants to supposedly "Wake Up"
the dissident degenerate wants you to understand 
America has sold out to greed and commerce 
and therefore has no reason to holds true to it's purported ideals and constitutions
if one believes there is a hidden hand of secret societies and cabals and factions
that moderate the culture
and use the media to confabulate
causes for 
the masses to be affected
and effected by
than we become exactly what those who purvey such lies want us to be
and that is -faithless
and just like them
if there is no faith in our media or leaders or financial institutions 
there is no faith in the common reality we all have made an unspoken agreement to compliment and comply with
the dissident will say anything to make you lose belief in the world
the dissident will tell you the world is flat 
if the dissident thinks this will make you lose faith in gravity
if a soldier is brainwashed into thinking the war they are fighting is a war based on false flags and profit
how can the soldier be expected to win the war.
if a population is taught by dissents and conspiracy theorists that politicians and the media
lie to the American people 
and one should not believe something one sees on the news is necessarily factual
how can the American citizen be expected to support the war
these ill minded dissidents want us to "wake Up" and really see what is happening
most people who "wake up" dissident often wake up to the fact that they are miserable
and because they refuse to acknowledge that they have caused their own misery 
by being so very 
out of touch with the joys that come from losing one's egotism to the idealism of mass consciousness 
of course it is "a hidden hand" that has rigged the game
the Ruiner,the malcontent ,the dissident once was seen as perhaps a necessary character in society 
one might like to have around
if only for a "there but for the sake of God go I" reference point.
Or perhaps ,in the past, we didn't so much mind the dissident speaking his blasphemous negativity about the social structure because society felt they needed a canary in a coal mind like paranoia in the mix.
A hysteric who "just might be correct "about certain concerns in the right measure.
Maybe we took the right of freedom of speech to the extreme.
Maybe we misinterpreted the phrase "freedom of speech" entirely 
Just as it is not OK to yell "fire " in a crowded movie theater 
it is not OK to yell False Flag ,in the middle of a war.
The dissident only cares about his own misery.
And we all know misery loves company.
The service of the common weal means nothing to the dissident .
How could it? The dissident and the degenerate
are anti -social organisms.
Most people with anti-social tendencies of course look for fissures in the social structure. 
But dare this type to look at the fissures in themselves .
Dare them to ask themselves why they do not fit into society and have thus turned against it
And have thus choose to write or paint or pontificate against the system.
To the degenerate the establishment is fraught with discrepancy and hypocrisy and corruption.
"Or why else can it be that I am so removed and disillusioned with my place in society? 'the dissident asks .
I will tell you why. Because society can usually smell a dissident miles away
and intentionally wants very little to do with a person who functions more as fungus as mold in the community than a person of worth.
Fungus and mold ,like dissidents and degenerates can only thrive if they latch upon another organism. Dissidents, like mold spores cannot survive in the light of day .
Dissident enjoy the dark and hate the light

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