Monday, November 12, 2018

Irish Pub

I spend hours designing a little patch

to send the online embroidering site

saying "Liam's Pub Real Irish Cuisine and Brew"

to 'go with/ go on" the uniform Dr. Pinkus says

scientifically will help me

Roll With the Merge ..

The Stuff they dosed me with to provide Mandlers

/ Handlers

with real time video and sound display

through my eyes and ears..

Supposed they also translate my "working mind"

but this mostly only works with what's called 'Supervised Learning"

and me Typing

based on it ..

or according to Pinkus

it's all me thinking about why adults don't chew bubble gum

or something if I see gum , like on the sidewalk..

my job mainly is to type with the Sight and Sound

tossed over my own

via Medical tele- metry..

well , besides the typing

- the stories to understand How MAN thinks

specially about Narratives..

meaning the - stuff- that goes on in your head.

between - the cracks..

( the gum on the sidewalk and you thinking about Hubba Bubbuh

and how sad it is kids don't seem to blow it anymore..

strange how young some of these 'girls' are giving blow jobs

isn't it

but not chewing gum..

i wish I was a kid that Gay is Cool and not

something you die from..

that's how it was when I was 16, 17 etc..

spooky ..)

well...I am more often than not ZAPPED by the remote monitors..Mandlers

when I go all sad face self referential - on them..

THIS ISN"T ABOUT - You!!!! _ weirdo..!!!

but universal thoughts!

I am more often than not 'Mandled" away from sad things

like an entire generation of gay men

not having "a time of it "

and thinking even a deep kiss - was the kiss of death

towards _ More Pleasant things..

like MUM leaving me and Bobby a pretty hefty sum when she goes Euth

next Tuesday...

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