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ENT Ire - Hist / You

Me and XXXX go down in the basement ...he wants to show me how to make a microwave transmitter ...that we can aim at the people down the street XXXX.....XXXX says if we're careful..we can adjust the waves(the microwaves) to not HURT these people physically but just psychologically as XXXX says he is sure "these faggits down the street from us put a nail in his car tire .XXXX says "we won't be really hurting them but we can them hear frequencies he can maneuver to "make them like hear sh*t....and feel really",XXXX says ," it will be like we just threw itching powder on them..XXXX says he thinks one these faggits put a nail in his car tire because the one fag who lives down the street is very short and hates that XXXX is taller than him...
according to XXXX there are "faggits" and "homos" Homos are fine.Faggit-"not so much"
"you and me Dumbo are homos...Charles is a faggit", XXXX,"Understand?"
"yeah," I say.
"What am I supposed to do? Make myself somehow make them feel better?"XXXX asks me..while he uses a mallet to gently break the plastic casing of an old Oster Microwave Oven* Next he removes the transformer ,the magnetron and the capacitor which he hands me piece by piece and asks me to place on a small blue baby blanket , While we work I tell XXXX that I agree he should not have to" make himself short somehow or appear to make himself slouched (and thus smaller) to make anyone feel taller. "
And XXXX pats me on the back.
" Careful with the pink insulator at the top of the magnetron ,"XXXX says giving me a bump of crystal,"the stuff in that pink stuff is made from beryllium oxide," XXXX says," it if it's crushed and inhaled it can cause an incurable disease in the lungs"
For a second I look at the meth he poured out on a bottle cap.
"dude," XXXX says,"really?"
I take another bump just to show XXXX I trust him and we continue our work in silence like we're real scientists.
XXXX says "We will need a waveguide to direct the microwaves in one direction Baby Boi," and XXXX kisses me on the ear," we don't want the waves just just going everywhere..we want them directed."
He says ".Most Microwave ovens have a 4" wave length built into them...see?" XXXX says showing me what he calls the wand "well, I say we attach this wand to a satellite dish...which we can just hook up to some left over TV Ariel or some random pipe..or old thing am a jig people have on top of their houses for like Xmas lights or something..."
Next we open a second Microwave casing ,Just in case the one we just undid is faulty,than XXXX says,".we can finish this in the morning ...but lets dust off the extension ladder outback..,both of us carry the ladder up the steps..and dust it off in the back yard with an old beach towel. XXXX says ". .if we dress in ..our old UPS clothes ..nobody will give a fuck if we're like walking on their still have yours?"
"Yeah,' I say
"we'll hook this bitch up real tight we can really have precise control. of the waves man,.a friend of mine has battery that can like go for a week. and we;ll just keep changing the battery....and every now and than adjust the diodes for better aim" XXXX says. "so we can pitch them just right ....teach them a lesson ,man,,, See Dumbo,"XXXX says putting his arm around my neck ". Charles would be too much a wuss to do this shit."
*high energy radio frequency Emanation Projectors can be made using parts from an old microwave ovens. The Electromagnetic Eminator works just like a normal microwave with a high energy source triggering a magnetron which produces microwave radiation at 2.45GHz. The transmitting part is based on your skills manipulating a waveguide made out of metal which helps directs the microwaves in one direction instead of letting them scatter.The electromagnetic eminator works just like a normal microwave except with skill the energy source triggered by a magnetron which typically produces microwave radiation at about 2.45GHz.
(2) Feb 3rd
XXXX wakes me up and says he just got a call from a reliable source that a JCPenny's near Paramus New Jersey that's being renovated ..or torn down or something has placed like "a trillion or more" fluorescent light tubes out in semi-closed containers near the loading dock...and THIS is what we've been waiting for .I quickly get pull on a robe knowing the stuff we have to wear are not street's the middle of the night but I don't bother looking at the time..we don't want to wake the other roommates is all i'm worried about ...because they might ask to come me and XXXX have to talk all in whispers and walk around on eggshells..everything is already on the living room table we need ..XXXX is excellent at preparing things like real real quick..
on the table is a nicely folded blue plastic tarp..and also these hi grade breathing masks ...that ALMOST look like that STUFF
they had to wear in World War 1 for mustard gas..but WITHOUT those elephant trunky things which just made people look stupid and scary at the same time.
Near the ventilation masks and tarp on the table are also HAZMAT suits...but real real thin ones ..that XXXX says we must wear under our Dickies Jumpsuits (both brown)....first of all XXXX says taking off his robe he says in just his underwear now.."WE gotta put plastic bags under our socks and make sure the plastic bags hit like booties and are secured to our bare feet like booties with rubber bands.THAN we have to put our socks on over the plastic bags THAN! put on another plastic bag booties held in place with rubber bands...when this is done and our thin HAZMAT suits are on over our t-shirts and underwear we put on the Dickies Work suits...before we leave the house we make sure we have our special protective gloves and even more important out protective goggles so none of the powder or bits or smashed up glass get in our pores or eyes ..or lungs
all the fluorescent tubes outside the JCPenny's have to be smashed on the many florescent tubes as both me and XXXX have the time and strength to smash.After we have enough broken tubes on the tarp we have to stamp and stamp and stamp on the glass with our boots ...than sweep than our the "residue" of broken fluorescent lights into like 4 really really big buckets me and XXXX took from this pool cleaning company we worked for like back when me and XXXX were long time companions and not just friends who fucked around every now and than...
in the truck on the way to Paramus XXXX says we have to buy like 4 microwave ovens to modify because XXXX has a feeling that the neighbors on either side of us might get all in our business considering the Testing we have to do..and that the microwaves aimed in their direction will ensure...we can do out work in peace.
the roads are all empty..and cause XXXX is all intense..or something like he gets ..he says we can't put on the radio.. so .I start falling asleep and XXXX places my head on his lap while he drives like he used to...When we get to the Penny's ..and see all the fluorescent tubes ..XXXX jumps .literally begins jumping and down ..
we lay the tarp down and put on our masks and gloves and with the first couple of tubes...we have duels with..using the florescent lights like light sabers although of course they are not lit...the lights make amazing noises when they pop...
than we get down to business. And just smash and smash and smash..
lots of shopping today - Petco guinea pigs
all of them are to be males, right?, XXXX asks while we look over the cages. .
XXXX asks me to check in with EVAN
and "see " what "my Team" thinks.
XXXX can always tell if I am genuinely interfacing
via the Merge "my Team: put in my head..
and if I am'pretending" to interface..
I tell XXXX that Evan graphed "if I get the tests right that I am to
perform on the guinea pig males THEN and only then can we proceed to the more complicated experiments that can be performed upon female guinea pigs especially if I can coax the male guinea pig to mate with the females...
XXXX says "Evan graphed no such thing, Dumbo, did he?"
I shrug and say
"all that matters to me is that "my Team" understands WHY I am doing what I do".
XXXX somehow knows this...and smiles.
"So what should we call the Guinea Pigs?" XXXX asks on the way home.
I shrug again and XXXX says
"let's call one Algernon
and another one Alga -zeer
and the other one
"Alger Hiss
"Das Meanz justify das endz ,"I say like a German watching XXXX pour some of the sifted powdery fluorescent tubes into a beaker filled some liquid he has over a Bunsen burner..the exhaust fan is already turned up high the exhaust set to go through a long long pipe like thing to the backward...our neighbors on both side have long since moved away...and don't really like the ones in the back .much,
Mercury poisoning
Elemental mercury
Classification and external resources
DiseasesDB 8057
MedlinePlus 002476
Mercury poisoning ,also known as hydrargyria or mercurialism are type of metal poisoning and a medical condition caused by exposure to mercury or its compound. Toxic effects include damage to the brain, kidneys and lungs.[3] Mercury poisoning can result in several diseases, including acrodynia (pink disease),[4] Hunter-Russell syndrome,[5] and Minamata disease.[6]
Symptoms typically include sensory impairment (vision, hearing, speech), disturbed sensation and a lack of coordination. The type and degree of symptoms exhibited depend upon the individual toxin, the dose, and the method and duration of exposure.
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