Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Branding - The Real August 8 1968 Child Cohorts ( Nixon and The Family - Welfare "State")

  1. goo goo goo - CUT TO
    LESSOR watching ALPHA MALE
    kuh kuh kuh kiss a GIRL !
    ( oh my !)
    and huh huh huh How Angwy wittle Sissy Fuss gits
    ( oh my !)
  2. EXT - FIELD - DAY
    We see OTHER watch OTHER remove his shirt ( hmmm- do we see CLOSE UP the LESSOR fuh fuh fuh Flinch - Oh Dear ! - )
    OTHER ( to OTHER ) What?
    goo goo goo goo - i wuh wuh wuh wonduh wuh happens next..!
  3. Boyhood | Official US Trailer | IFC Films via
  4. of better Genetic Inheritance.
    In one shot we have established who BLOOM represent in our
    Life Span Research.
  5. Meanwhile in GOTHAM
    INSERT 'Placard" 30 Years Earlier we find DARIUS CRANE ( a.k.a DC Comic's Mister Bloom) age 11 playing with a boy his own age in a field.
    The BOYS cannot be more different. One is thin ,'goofy looking" and un-athletic the OTHER is athletic looking and
  6. The KOREANS sprayed Hallucinogens on the enemy that made them see SMILEY FACES
    the ENEMY giggled and jerked off when they saw Free Porn
    goo goo goo
    Steven Martel asked you to play Kandy Kiss Kittens
  7. this dude a Mon- stuh

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