Friday, February 8, 2019

the Nose "thing"

the face thing
becomes the mitt

the face thing becomes
the measure

the face thing becomes
the reason
that you no longer care

Pinocchio hated G. Pedo for using his FACE
like this
nothing G. Pedo asked of him MATTERED

because of "the Nose" Thing..

Jacques Jinko posted in Targeted Individuals Gotham

Adam Odenm :You're friends with Paul Z. the shill who tries to fictionalize the topic unfriend him or stop posting in here. Our name becomes associated with his PERP

Jacques Jinko : And what are YOU trying to do?
You create a group that supposedly is meant to validate that reality of far out unsolicited human research and next go on about 'Space Men" i.e space aliens -perhaps -helping the scientists at prestigious research centers

Ted Teal : Your point being ?

Ted Teal removed Jacques Jinko from the group
Chat Conversation End
Type a message, @name...

Department of Gotham Defense Advanced Research ( GODAR)

batman fandom

"Homeland" team of researchers who give CNN cred to bizarre and unusual unsolicited invasive human testing

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