Friday, August 3, 2018

aug 3 in 5 days I turn 50

since before 2011
since 2000
since 1994
since 1988
since that day after the wedding - in that room when I

'couldn't have been more than 1 0r 2.."

late in the evening
later that knight in Gotham
Goth Milk
Gotha Ill
Gattica gik and groking
one has no mind of one's own

depicted on TV somehow as sexy - as "hot"
i wonder why?
certainly most actors are sexy and hot
for on
and anything cut into scenes
Flows with a type of hip hop hippity hot drop
that in no way mirrors real life

except perhaps to those who use to to mimick 'time"
and how the mind "sees and hears time

I am doing time
being this to them

and will not turn 5i
if there is a God this will be my last birthday

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