Thursday, June 14, 2018

Personality Disorders in Baited "Scum" ( Side Effects )

SICKO SAVANT MISTER BLOOM raised in the Narrows by those that Grow Between the Cracks
those that smoke crack and eat poorly ...or too much to escape from their low ceiling cheap carpet ..lives
for give them for their trespasses
well mandlers..i kinda feel like my soul is gone..
more and more I feel like a chosen one
microwaves were first used in kill typhus on vermin ...while the Jews in Hollywood counted their cash..waiting for Happy Days Taxi Driver Days to cum cum cum round to Faggit Fanfare Male Body Worship cok suk glorification and electromagna Mind modulation of one's senses sexuality ...(Das Mathew Weiner Mad Men monster writes of such talk talkings as -another Jew hollywood throws under das bus -nipple hack say ...cringe worthy TV...ahhhhh it's all right their in PEE COCK -Frank Mills -Hair Hair Hair back shave ..brow wax ..pritttty boy emasculating age of aquarius gliidy're lucky you got these weapons ..up and running ..and these phones and emf frying our fuckin brains brotha'.. lucky u got it all wired for ssssound man...we're just like those vermin types at aushwitz waiting to go in the chamber...the netflix and dick pics ..and radio gaga yap clpa going going going nonstop since nuremburg man....yeah..
we're just like the m waitin g to get gassed...but we dont need to go to no showers ....they can kill us NOW - with MAGIC WEAPONS ..the apogee itself is the shower head
MIDWAY thru BLOOM's repulsive ruminations
puppets and animation are added to Fill In the Bars
the same such REACHING TO LESSER GODS occurs as poor BLOOM ,living as THEM such THIS do
-in his mother's basement a a little boy..who just doesn't know what he's saying ...
ahhhh ..and next we CUT to a SCENE in which we find out who put all these demented ideas in BLOOM's head..

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