Wednesday, May 2, 2018

20, 000 Posts about One Thing

Meanwhile ....

INDIS O' SAY sits on a bed.
He is down and out.
Circles Under His Eyes..

He had made the mistake of Taking DAISY years ago
and it had - effected his brain ....causing LESIONS
to make him susceptible to the SHADROCK Signal that piggy backed on wireless.

Multiple seizures - an epileptic like trance state ( brain damage ) caused by a mixture of the stimulant and repetition of pulse trains - to veer one toward the signal were required.

it was an exhaustive process.that required months of seclusion to gear the mind to a state of sensory deprivation

not difficult - if one moved to Los Angeles without a car
or clue..

he'd been -set up- by the studio -
he had written a few short stories online an assistant of "someone " said
looked promising
these promises were broken after Indis signed a one year lease..

the Voices came slowly..
after a version of what he now knew of as a Honey Pot..
( the studios used the same tech and techniques as the *IA )

the Lure knew he needed -something - to keep him - creative and out came the Daisy ..and Augustine
"Everybody Takes It"
in hollywood..

feeds the MUSE..
- it fed the muse alright
it fed the muse HIM


ORLEAN cleans up the dishes.

ORLEAN - i think it might be a good idea we distance ourselves from Cole and Vanessa.

JIM - Why.

ORLEAN - The things he writes. The things he says about the police're next in line for police commissioner...

JIM - I was thinking of pulling out. Rivic Security is mixing in with the force. They have their own uniforms ..their own cars..their own way of doing things ..

ORLEAN - Maybe they can help bring the Gotham Police Force into the 21st century..Their uniforms are sexy ...and - oh - to have one of those cars.....

{ what are you doing Dumbo ?- grok the Mandlers

writing the story - I grok..

because the AI let you have a thought of your own stupid 5 minutes ago idiot ! you see why we have to keep messing with you because nobody cares what you have to say without the Mandlers

so what - it's my story - I grok

NO DUMBO it's not your story - snort the fucking 'Augustine or we'll put you on Cylert again..

"What !!!!!!! am I supposed top Do !!!!! Between Imbues !!!!!!!
huh !!! sit here like some idiot ..lay down ..why didn't you do anything to make my life around this anything - YOU WRECK tTHE STORIES!!!!! not me !!!"

" this is that I want a Miada shit Dumbo ..i want a pool and pony..want us to mess with your face scumbag.."

WHO CARES!!!!! I don't Know Anybody...anymore. i don't go out ..this is Torrrrrrrture ..the stories don't mean NOTHING!!!!!!!

'to you they don't dumbo but you're supposed to pretend they do asshole "

For who? Why should I pretend

'So nobody thinks you're being tortured or used like monkey..

'I am used like a monkey
stop treating me like a god damn monkey ..

" start doing the drugs you're supposed to "

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