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Pace Taker 11

the TI is not only destroyed physical,socially,financially,emotionally by these weapons the TI is also instigated to document their "experience' long after the TI recognizes that the social media /internet has served he or she absolutely no use in engaging legal or legislative help nor the help of the mainstream media to investigate their claims .The TI might begin to suspect their use is also to serve as a needed "shadow of a doubt" /example of Active Denial
weapons being real- Plausible Denial weapons are a tough sell without a wide data base of Targeted Individuals screaming and crying 'HELP and STOP!"
If a TI takes it into his last ounce of will to diminish the 'terms" of his use for the sake of not only being victimized but also of use as a type of un-payed mourner/ example / scapegoat and begins re-tolling their cry for help as fiction
one has both won and lost the battle simultaneously -Cole L.Cohen (notebook 92)
yet the story of 'THE UNTHINKABLE DENNY PACE ! "twas not as unthinkable as should have been

(2)"Give me a dozen healthy infants ... and my own specified world to bring them up in and I'll guarantee to take any one at random and train him to become any type of specialist I might select — doctor, lawyer, artist, merchant-chief and yes, even beggar-man and thief, regardless of his talents, penchants, tendencies, abilities, vocations, and race of his ancestors" The Large Man said to Layla,quoting some human engineering pioneer Edwin had learned in his training by other human engineering pioneers who believed that man could only be understood by the data man  wrought.

The Large Man called Edwin by his team in trailer 3 told Edwin via earpiece to 'please ,please ,please stay on script '

The Team  of Mandlers ,men who man other men in ways you dear reader are not familiar with (and may you never be except as what you assume is fiction or delusion ..indeed I must fictionalize aspects of my documentation if only to give a context to my conveyance of certain topics that I unfortunately must confront on a daily basis ..if I were to describe my childhood in a calculated chrysalis of Neuro Linguistics and Trauma Based Abuse 
I guarantee my words would seem even more fiction -ie than what i write here...and to be quite honest dear reader I still hold an odd tether to keep the secrets of my Fathers
tucked away
and safe..
no it is no longer fear that keeps me from discussing the monsters who raised me davenport Monster Study style
to make me 
the human ecology 
for my "Beingness" as mere ecto plasm 
before you
The type of human vermin and human filth 
Gary Rainy and Bettors such as him involved in The New Way
a New Way that must pear away the Lessors 
for the species of Man to survive 
I gladly sacrifice my dignity and my very life to present as a hi definition Low Concept version of expendable type!
perhaps this degeneracy of soul and not my willingness to indeed 
understand and respect the careful calculated reimagining of the future of Man as it should have been with not a trace of sickness,ugliness,weakness and Aberrant thought !
that doth cause me to veer further and further away from my birthright by the unholy maze makers who bore me 
and scored me to be 
NOTHING MORE than mere example of Degenerate Fodder
through song and dance and dirty disgusting doodlings
that portray perhaps better than written language the SICKNESS OF SOUL types such as I do possess...

The Team of Mandlers 
Men who cast lives and 
Minds of other Men

  had acquired Edwin some time ago from one several of the West Virginia Hate Groups that the Office of Interior Intent had lent Neuro Technology back in the early 1990's when the "bugs" were still being put in unsuspecting persons to get 'the bugs out ' and it stilled galled the team in trailer 3 that without mic to ear directive Edwin reverted to rote unprocessed recall of precipice that gave - at least some reason - another human being must entrain another .
Layla said to The Large Man that -"The people at the TruGenic Rational Research Laboratory assured me the Treatment would have nothing whatsoever to do altering Denny's personality "
/////////but only to intercede upon Denny's Autism and negate Denny's "condition" that causes him like other autistics to think inwardly by introducing aspects of virtual reality into "this safe space" of Inner Vision and Inner Voice to help bring him out of it. ////////Layla heard herself think
but the thinking ..the actual cadence and style of the thought did not seem her own and a shiver raked through Layla's spine.
Reading Layla's thoughts on a screen in trailer 3 one of the Operating Tele-Presence (OT) Level 7 shouted to a OT Level 5 operating the sine waves molded as Voice
to Layla's Skull
that"-A bit of Naturalism might be more what we're looking for in this situation NOT some psychotic break ."
"Sorry " the OT Level 5 said to the OT Level 7 adjusting the feedback sent Voice to Skull upon Layla's auditory cortex to "sound" more like her own thought style.
Between Edwin's odd need to demonstrate to Layla or the OTs in trailer 3? that he had absorbed his night classes in Behavioral Modification and Layla having what the OTs called a "V2k (Voice to Skull ) moment the Team in trailer 3 felt as if some Divine Entity had placed the action on pause within the the Office Trailer.
'Ready ," the OT 5 said , refering to the Natural Language Program that he adjusted to simulate Layla Pace's Own inner monologue more discretely.
////// You are a good housewife everyone thinks you make the best casseroles in the neighborhood////
Layla ,NOW MORE THAN EVER concerned about just WHOSE ideology was to be at play here to help her raise Denny said to the Large Man now sitting across from her at the card table in Trailer 2
"You are a good housewife . Everyone thinks you make the best casseroles in the neighborhood"
In trailer 3 the Operating -Tele-Presence 7 laughed in spite of himself before throwing a half finished Mars Bar at the OT 5 working the Voice to Skull in this Old Skool fashion
After all,the OT 7 thought if you couldn't have a bit of fun with Mind Manipulation technology why use it at all.
"Ok..Ok this time we're good to go" the OT 5 said seriously giving OT 7 a thumbs up
Layla wondered why she had said what she had just said to the Large Man .Next wondered if she had really said anything at all when the thought quickly came to her
"All i care about is that Denny gets help and becomes the man he wants to be '
"We all do Mrs Pace " The Large Man said ,"Cybernetics is after all really all about autonomy"
"Excuse me ,"Layla said realizing the Large Man had not once given her his name "Cybernetics means the art of steering ...The art of control of systems does it not"
Edwin waited for the right words to come through his ear piece ,hearing none ,Edwin recalled the words an instructor had used explaining the process of Mind Augment and repeated them verbatim to Layla Pace " Cybernetics ,thanks in part to the help of the media and Hollywood in particular is supposed to drum up in another -arather playful notion of enhanced senses via mind /macine mind to mind interface with not a whit of implications concerning man's automatic response to symbols or the associations these symbols introduced aurally or visually upon a human organism would make ."
In trailer 3
OT 7 did not even have to look at Layla's thoughts decoded into words on his computer to know Layla was about to leave the trailer
OT 5 suggested they transmit Layla a dose of what they called The Little Girl Lost signal to reset the scene to at least some version of Square One .
Layla looked down at the pocket book that she had vaguely remembered placing beside her chair now in her lap. And was aware that the jacket she had draped over the back of the chair was now on her back.there was a brief flicker of panic still left in her and remnants of 'What have I gotten denny into ? WHO are these people" so great was the sense of fear that Layla ,almost knowingly ..but oh how nice that dwindling of "Knowing" was to a giddy sense of the "Everything is Alright" feeling she had not felt since she was a child.
And as a child the man in front of her she saw as her father
a protector of "Everything is Alright"
and Layla began poking around the large pocket book on her lap
excited to see her Mother (?) had arranged a special treat for her.
Lip Stick 1Make -Up ! to play with .
Edwin could not help but feel a bit of compassion for Layla Pace and feeling he tried to hide from himself of desire not as she was only two minutes earlier but as he now saw her ,on the floor of the trailer singing to herself ,her skirt bandied up past her thighs as if the garment was more of a nuisance than a cover .Layla liberally applying rogue to her cheeks in pronounced circles. But could she bake a cheery pie thought Edwin remembering the speaker at his training sessions who had waxed nostalgic for Igor Smirnov a Russian scientist best known for his role in Soviet Electromagnetic Mind Research that explained the merits of "silent sound "that bypassed the ears could best be used to augment man's will and brain function According to Igor Smirnoff who had demonstrated frequency based broadcasting in the electromagnetic spectrum with a "voice to Skull" command to “bring cake” to a specific public landmark in his hometown which incited several women to arrive at this landmark with cake in hand.Later when the "participants" were asked why they had brought the cake to the landmark,as none of the 'participants' could explain -the impulse to do so

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