Friday, October 13, 2017

this is how ugly people

express themselves Dumbo

  1. Fly Joseph , Fly
  2. hmm looks like a rough draft for a Verizon ad to play at the golden globes next year --to spook the children
  3. looks like Marcy Carsey 's casting of an Old 'Irishman' to make the Show - Uuuhh play
  4. Brian Wilson - and whomever else is supposed to trigger Wild Pawns
  5. He look like he been hit by the Blue Beams of Calcium Flux by Angels in America.
  6. The Tree of Life Joseph for You who respect your Elders..and for some (sad face ,sad face) always the tree of Apple that listens4dataonly
  7. Looks like He be Going to Black Mirror Referential -ville ...
  8. The Sons of Guy Woodhouse - and everyone in H'wood is a Son of Wood -House

"They Sure do Mandlers..especially when their being literally fed the lines

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