Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Nacht Turn L.A. Orange

MAYOR GREEN appears to be LESS THAN Jim Gordon physically
The audience by way of the cinema's knowing of the audience's "reactives' to -Physical attractiveness and sex as modulatory factors of empathic brain response
sides with OUR HERO the Buff and Bashful JIM GORDON who is dressed in EVERYMAN attire and filmed purposely in angles that highlight any "quirky" facets of his profile every 18 to 22 seconds so the male members of the audience 15-21 can -identify with "Jimbo" without constantly doing Self Comparatory Referencing in
their "collective" anterior cingulate cortex

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Jim Bloom shared his post.
July 15
RIVIC pats "the girl" on the behind lightly and turns to JIM GORDON
RIVIC - Well James ,looks like we're going to be working alot together
JIM - and how is that Rivic?
RIVIC - well if we get this contract they're going to want to put alot of our guys in with yours.
JIM - Private Security has no place in the Gotham Police Force...
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Jim Bloom
June 30
 the other POLICEMEN in the back of the assembly is now alone
and unprotected it seems....
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RIVIC spots a YOUNG WOMAN and pulls her caveman style into the mix "Doesn't Jim Gordon look like an actor more then a some pretty boy model or stripper playing a cop then a real cop?" WOMAN…See more

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