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nano cosmetic physiological psychlogical testing on non person types

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Jabberwacky is an artificial intelligence - a chat robot, often known as a 'chatbot' or 'chatterbot'. It aims to simulate natural human chat in an interesting, entertaining and humorous manner.

Jabberwacky is different. It learns. In some ways it models the way humans learn language, facts, context and rules.

The 'general AI' of Jabberwacky stores everything everyone has ever said, and finds the most appropriate thing to say using contextual pattern matching techniques. In speaking to you it uses just that learnt material, and borrows a little bit of your intelligence as it learns more. With no hard-coded rules, it relies entirely on the principles of feedback. This is very different to the majority of chatbots, which are rule-bound and finite. If you speak in a foreign language it will learn it, and respond appropriately if it has enough to go on. It can be taught slang English, word games, jokes and any other form of identifiable language trait. Everyone contributes, so everyone can enjoy chatting - you could say it's a conversational wikipedia.

, data extraction and lots more, all handled very unlike any other technology - with fuzzy pattern matching, variety and deep context. Naturally the more freeform "general AI" is combined with this approach to give the best of both worlds.

learn the new language
or else
jump off a building
cause .
cause we've had it..
vitriol at the mentors
they use words i don't l know
it was easier when i had fans and airconditioning on always..
and couldnt hear..
that;s how things got bad..
i mean they're real people.
but they arent real to me .
they want me to
think or present as mental...and not be nothin but a guinie pig..fodder.for research and development.
as if my parent specially raised me
to be some piece of
testing equipment as if i were born a crash test dummy with no purpose but to be smashed  and smashed
i am real to them.
they re not real to me
i think of them as signs of insanity
rather than signs of technology
it makes it easier at times to believe this is all just some organic brain disfunction
i would take pills used by people who hallucinate but they do nothing but make me sleep and hurt all over in my nerves horrible feeling of nerve pain called tardive dyskenesia
i was locke dup on several occasions for freakin off about the overwhelmingness of the neurotronic whatever they call it...rundowns...tests studies..
they can care less
about what those drugs did to me..things irreversable.i have to see a movement disorder dr...from those pills
how can i not hate them for stealing years off my life?
how could i not judge them for making my "style of being" that of a mental patient who gets a check..
it wouldnt have been like this.
if it were not for 1994.

i hate them more them i dare think.
i want something to happen to them when i think like this.
i could care less.
i am the guinie pig they are "handlers"
don't worry no one believes me

my poor mom and dad.
if they knew for real what you did to their kid
i hope someone does this to your kids i think to my mandelrs mandlers have kids
they should not be allowed to ..
these people are criminals
of the type one only reads about
in WW2
not now

is this not so/
think of what you did in 1994
and again in palm springs in feb 2011
for that day alone there should be bodies hangings off trees
there will be retribution cosmic or otherwise
i know you know.

but dooo ya really ?

there's no way to write about it.not on some days it feels
"This close'
this scary
I do not know what one expects
from an endless "phone call" one cannot shut off..

updated jan 27 2014..repent//// let me go


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Transhumanism (abbreviated as H+ or h+) is an international cultural and intellectual movement with an eventual goal of fundamentally transforming the human condition by developing and making widely available technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities.[1] Transhumanist thinkers study the potential benefits and dangers ofemerging technologies that could overcome fundamental human limitations, as well as study the ethical mattersinvolved in developing and using such technologies. They predict that human beings may eventually be able to transform themselves into beings with such greatly expanded abilities as to merit the label "posthuman".[1]
The contemporary meaning of the term transhumanismwas foreshadowed by one of the first professors offuturologyFM-2030, who taught "new concepts of the Human" at The New School in the 1960s, when he began to identify people who adopt technologies, lifestyles andworldviews transitional to "posthumanity" as "transhuman".[2] This hypothesis would lay the intellectual groundwork for the British philosopher Max More to begin articulating the principles of transhumanism as a futurist philosophy in 1990, and organizing in California an intelligentsia that has since grown into the worldwide transhumanist movement.[2][3][4]
the next part.
I am running out of time.

it didn't work out
things happened in california.
I had made the mistake of returning

hated enough by 
the  folks who "took me on"

 took me in as some wacky venture for the venture capitalists allowed to practice Human Experimentation 
for several reasons

there's war on

 and wacky shit
 can be used to hurt people..cuz there's a boatload of cash in something called transhumanism
 because if you pay people off you can do anything you want.
they will pay someone to kill me,,,

they have decided I am The Sickest Man on Earth 
they played that in a loop in palm springs .for hours

i will never get that out of my head..
or the notion of people 
rel walking human people
who do this to another

i never thought of the world or people in it ;like that

i could see people getting violent or angry
...but not some planned executed,exacted..procedure of wickedness
THEY WILL PAY so help me god
because they must..
or there can be no natural
genuine law
of physics
and rightness
must be done
they have set things off course by doing these things
by playing god to too many people
supposedly they are doing this to millions

from my Neural reads
i don't know how many people they've gone intraneural encode on to determine this but...
whatever they think 
in the end

.....there's a race on you see.

you do your self in ..

they've told me stuff they'd do a room somewhere ...that is so violent scary
I am on dope now
 all the time

 to deal with this

on the good side is that art of a dead artist is worth more money

yeah sounds conceited but I used to be good at it..
now i write ..
cuz someone must stop them from having THE LIBERTY to do this to another

a word about breachthere is no breach when they have breached your mind.there is no breach when they have taken your body

 there was the beginning ...a certain amount of "ok 

this is interpreting ...
maybe I;ll "be cool" with it...and keep my mouth shut 

was i mad
was i insane
 they went too far ...and it was always personal and hateful and I realized that I was the enemy 
my type

then i did research ..
.as i still thought man you cray cray.crazzy jim

..and damn i found out not only are they doing this to me but like millions all over the world 
and their accounts of "target practice " are the same ..
as mine..too the same

they do it to women ...more so than men

i cried enuf a lifetime..
maybe I'm not being cool
they turned the tables

 tele operator just "doing his job"
wants to hurt me...
humiliate me ..
kill me

and psychotronic weapontry ,,
is genuine living hell

on earth

i don't care much if I live anymore..
it's been an odd years ..
i really do believe they will do awful things ..
and really think it's in my best interest to kill myself...

it's an odd situation

i am not depressed .I am just scared.
I might go to a hospital but all they do is give you meds that cause tardive dyskinesia which is a hell in it self

if i kill myself or am killed you can be assured we  are not going to the same place
for all my rottenness..he knows why i do what I do
and these folks who've been listening just went with what was in the files
 a few key ...druggie days and 
the same ...compulsive repulsive thoughts each and every one of us ..made them punishing me ...
(THEY KNOW what THEY did) 
after all it's their job to find out how to drive another mad
can care less who you work for
nor does god

I am anti war anti scientology Neuronaut anti sweep the odd fellows under the dirt...

let them cut off my nose ears whatever
over and over
 the loop these threats

I was a writer b4 ...
i have only the civil Rights i make..
since somehow it was authorized I have none...

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